The International Journal of Management and Business Advancement (IJMBA) is a scholarly, open-access journal published by the International Institute of Advance Research (IIAR). The journal is committed to advancing the understanding and practice of business and management by disseminating high-quality research that explores various aspects of these fields. IJMBA aims to provide a forum for academics, researchers, and practitioners to share their ideas, insights, and findings and encourage collaborations and exchanges.

IJMBA publishes original research papers that cover a broad range of business and management areas, including finance, accounting, marketing, human resources, entrepreneurship, innovation, organizational behavior, strategic management, business analytics and international business. The journal is multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary, and it welcomes empirical research from within traditional disciplines and managerial functions. IJMBA encourages papers that adopt innovative methodologies, theories, and perspectives and that address pressing issues and challenges facing businesses and managers in different contexts.

The peer-review process for IJMBA is rigorous and follows a double-blind format in which both the author and the reviewers are anonymous. This ensures that the articles published in the journal are of high quality and contribute to advancing knowledge in the field. IJMBA also has a rolling submission policy, allowing authors to submit their manuscripts at any time of the year. The journal aims to provide timely and constructive feedback to authors.

Overall, IJMBA is a valuable resource for scholars, researchers, and practitioners interested in advancing the understanding and practice of business and management. The journal's commitment to openness, quality, and innovation makes it an essential platform for disseminating and sharing research findings in these fields.